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Blacksburg, VA 24060

Scott Stosser
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Developing Sustainability

             investigate. innovate. initiate.



our evolution

investigate innovate initiate
At SAS we utilize every available resource in our search for creative and increasingly efficient ways to conduct our core businesses. That means not only looking for ways to make our own company more sustainable, but most importantly finding avenues in which to pass these benefits on to our customers through our products. We research, analyze, and explore new building technologies, construction techniques, and land development practices. Education is the first step toward sustainability. Continuing to be inventive and proactive is essential to our process. SAS is always building upon our experience and lessons learned. We are always looking to improve the way we do business and increase the value of our products for our customers. Experimenting with new approaches and cultivating interesting ideas is fundamental to our goals. SAS is always  motivated to move forward and build upon what we have done and more importantly what others have done. Sustainability is a global effort and we stand upon the shoulders of giants. Once we have educated ourselves and fostered ideas and techniques SAS takes the initiative to incorporate what we have learned into our products. We challenge ourselves at every step along the way in our land development and homebuilding processes and gauge the successfulness of our sustainability efforts. We make every effort to make decisions and adopt project specific business models that ensure our developments and homes are of the highest quality and are sensitive to the three tenets of sustainability - people, planet, and prosperity.